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My Healing Bible & 7 Minutes With God
This Pak Includes:
  • My Healing Bible
    Over 300 Scriptures Carefully Chosen To...Heal The Wounded Mind...Calm A Trouble Spirit...Inspire You To Maintain Your Faith For Your Physical and Emotional Healing. Book/B-663
  • 7 Minutes With God
    This Book Includes My 100 Favorite Scriptes, Facts and Thoughts on The Holy Spirit, The Gratitude System and Some of My Favorite Readings.Book/B-472

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This Book Includes Titles Such As:
  • 10 Things That Matter During A Financial Crisis
  • 7 Deadliest Financial Mistakes We Will Ever Make
  • What To Know To Become A World-Class Problem Solver
My Gift of Appreciation For Your Seed of $300..!

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The Wisdom Notes of Mike Murdock
Even The Best of The Best...Have To Work At What Comes Naturally...To Get Good At It. In This Book, Dr. Mike Murdock Shares His Personal Teaching Notes To Enable You To Become The Best of The Best. This Volume 1 Is A 155 Page Collection of The First 5 Volumes of Dr. Murdock’s 2 Minute Wisdom Books...Which Have Had A Tremendous Impact On Thousands of Lives. Also Included Are Outlines From 3 of His Favorite Sermons. Truly, A Gold Mine of Wisdom Nuggets That Should Be In Every Library..!

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Wisdom for Crisis Times
Packed With Answers To The Struggles You Are Facing Now, And Any Struggle You Could Ever Face. Learn these Wisdom Seeds for your crisis...Crisis Always Occurs At The Curve of Change / 4 Steps To Take For A Successful Life / 6 Essential Facts That Must Be Faced When Recovering From Divorce / How To Predict 6 Seasons of Attack On Your Life.

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